Mechanical installation

Mechanical installation


We produce metal products for construction purposes: steel structures (steel halls, roof overhangs, lattice girders, pillars, cisterns), forged fences, steel fences, stainless steel fences, containers, etc.

Cost-effectiveness and speed of construction are the requirements of the market to which Monting Montaža has responded with the Steel Hall System. In production, we are guided by the specific needs of our customers, respecting all prescribed standards. Following the trends in modern civil engineering, the technology of building prefabricated halls has been developed, the most important parts of which being: primary and secondary steel structures and sandwich panel cladding.


In its assortment, Monting Montaža Ltd. Bijeljina offers the production of lighting posts and overhead lines consisting of round tubular profiles in welded design and pillars of octagonal conical construction, 3 to 20 m high, resulting from the market demands and assortment of steel construction pipes.

Together with the posts, the necessary attestation materials are also supplied. There is also the possibility of complete transport of poles up to the place of installation as well as their assembly.

In addition to lighting fixtures, we design and manufacture pillars for electrification of tram and railway lines, traffic signalling pillars, antenna pillars and other pillars as desired.


Two-ply steel tanks are made of steel sheet C.0361 being intended for storage of liquid fuels and for other similar purposes. The shape, main dimensions and size of the main tank correspond to the standard JUS M.Z 3.014 (DIN 6608). The main tank was tested for impermeability with a water pressure of 2 bar, and the interstice with air pressure of 0.5 bar, for which an attestation is submitted as well. The R 6/4″ connections are installed on the tank. The basic data of the tank are provided in the table below. If needed, the specifications may be departed from, which must also be stated in the order. External protection is performed by a condor tape attested to a breakdown voltage of 14,000V. Each tank has the factory attestation with the designated factory number, date of manufacture and test pressure pertaining to it.


The works are carried out on thermal power plants, the refinery and petrochemical facilities, city heating plants, sugar mills, industrial refrigerators, public and commercial buildings, production, sports and other halls, both as part of the construction of new buildings, as well as in the repair and maintenance of industrial and commercial buildings.

The works are performed in the interior of the facilities and outdoors. Preparation of materials (cutting) for the installation is carried out on-site or at a construction site workshops for permanent or temporary construction sites.

As for the insulation material, depending on the requirements of the investor, i.e depending on the purpose of the insulation (hot or cold insulation), we use the following materials:

  • Mineral wool
  •  Glass wool
  • Ceramic fiber wool
  • Polyurethane
  • Foamglas
  • Various types of flexible materials with closed cell structures, which prevent the diffusion of water vapour

We carry out works in the field of thermal and acoustic insulation, namely:

  •  Insulation of AC channels
  • Insulation of all types of pipes
  • Insulation of tanks
  • Insulation of boilers
  • Insulation of water heaters
  • Insulation of different purpose vessels

To goals through excellence!

We have been in business since 1996. We have been present in the German market since 2000. In the production facility on 1,500 square meters, we produce all kinds of metal products. Our products are sold both on domestic and foreign markets.

We perform services in the field of mechanical assembly

We perform services in the field of mechanical assembly mainly for: oil refineries, thermoelectric power plants, sugar mills, production, sports and other halls, banks, hotels, shopping centres, etc. MONTING MONTAŽA employs a skilled workforce that has the knowledge and experience gained in the domestic and foreign markets. The foundation of the company are highly motivated and trained workers ready to fulfil all customer requirements related to quality and deadlines. Flexibility and expertise are two central features of the company philosophy.